Introducing Road-Aware

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Server Centric version

Server Centric version of Road-Aware

Road-Aware Alpha Test

Successful Test on Android device June 20, 2018  Watch the 3 minute video

Scoping the Problem





  – large truck crashes will cause 

  1.  10 deaths and 220 injuries
  2.  Economic losses will be over $75M. 
  3.  Average cost of a fatal rollover $4.3M.






 " Our vision is simple – zero fatalities on our roads," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.   

Let Us Help You

Add Road-Aware to your fleet

Add Road-Aware to your fleet


 Decrease Fatalities, Lower Insurance costs and Increase Trucking Company Profitability    

Add Road-Aware to your fleet

Add Road-Aware to your fleet

Add Road-Aware to your fleet


Provide driver alerts and safe speeds for curves and slopes and measure driver performance

Road-Aware Fundamentals

Driver in the Loop

Driver Alerts - Location Specific

Recommended Safe Speeds - Vehicle and Load Specific

Road-Aware Alerts


Advanced Warnings for Drivers

Road-Aware generated Alerts and Recommended Safe Speeds are location, truck and load specific and provided in time for the driver to take action


If the driver misses the alert a second caution alert is issued

If the caution alert is missed a control alert is issued (red screen) and an exception notice is recorded. 

Road-Aware also records the drivers speed profile through the section of road for which the alert is generated


Trucking Company Executives Make the Key Decisions on Safety

Safety margins are set by the customer such as:

    1. The margin between Tip Over Threshold Speed and Recommended Safe Speed

     2. The braking policy for long descents

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